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Patient Care Forms

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Philosophy of Care


“Optimal health” is the focus of Dr. Schultze’s professional life.

She began her health career as a registered nurse. Realizing that a

“one size does not fit all” approach to health care, she became a

chiropractor and began her career in 1983. Her goal is to help

people achieve and maintain optimal health through drug free

natural health care. Dr. Schultze offers each person the

opportunity to participate in maximizing their health by working

together to reinstate balance in the body, both physically and


If a person is injured, the body goes into its protective mode –

ready to take flight or to fight. Several things occur as a result. The

hips may torque, the shoulders tighten, the jaw may clench, the

stomach may feel tense etc. Specific muscles related to the injured

area become weak.

Through careful gentle evaluation of the injured muscles they are

treated to allow them to begin working in a more functional way.

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